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Return from Injury with Physical Therapy
See encouraging improvement after just one session.

Physical Therapy Vancouver WA
Physical therapy is a process of focused healing through appropriate exercises. Physical therapy is anchored by the specific limitations brought on by an injury. A strategic regimen carefully expands the limitations until the patient regains lost strength and range of motion.

  • Bounce back from moderate or severe injury with targeted treatment
  • Recover and regain strength and flexibility following surgery
  • Undo damage caused by poor or repetitive movement habits
  • Come back stronger and smarter about your body
  • Learn to exercise safely and sustainably

Physical therapy is appropriate at any point after an injury. Go beyond recovery and schedule a session with a physical therapist at Dr. Ibolit Chiropractic, Physical Therapy & Massage today.

Physical Therapy Can be Used for Any Injury

The goal of physical therapy is always to return a patient to a pre-injury state. For virtually any injury, most patients will see measurable results within their first few visits, with many seeing improvement after a single session.

Treating acute injury

Our physical therapists can set you on the optimal path to a quick recovery. We’ll tell you how to deal with a recent injury and set a follow up to make sure you’re on the right track.

Following surgery

Physical therapy is an integral part of any post-surgery rehabilitation plan. By the time a patient undergoes surgery to repair an injury, significant loss to strength and flexibility has occurred.

Repetitive stress injuries (RSI)

Repetitive stress injuries can either directly result in debilitating pain or indirectly lead to acute injuries by causing imbalances and weakness. RSIs are brought on by specific movement patterns or postural issues over time.

The Dr. Ibolit Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Massage staff in Vancouver WA office

COUNT ON Your Recovery

Physical therapy is mostly about getting familiar with the baseline limitations of your injury. As soon as the baseline is established, we can then determine the best course of action to get you moving again. Here’s how we do it:

1. Assess

Identify what caused the injury and how the injury is affecting you.

2. Treat

Strengthen the affected muscles without worsening the injury.

3. Follow up

Check-in to add or remove anything that might affect recovery.

Injury Rehabilitation Vancouver WAWe help you manage your progress.

We want you to be encouraged with your progress and with us, we know you will be. Part of our physical therapy is to make sure patients don’t quit while their ahead and to support them by facilitating follow-through.

One of the most common setbacks for patients is to experience immediate improvement and then cause reinjury because they feel better.

How long will recovery take?

Recovery depends on different things. The earlier we can treat, the better.

The extent of your injury is important but just about any injury can get better. Age and habits play a role but the most important part of physical therapy is sticking to the prescribed exercises. The more closely a patient adheres to the treatment – including rest – the better results will be.

Compliance and consistency are the main ingredients to successful and measurable therapy.

Full Recovery Under One Roof in Vancouver, WA

Dr. Ibolit Physical Therapy has everything you need to see full recovery – ALL IN ONE PLACE!

When you’re with us, there’s no bouncing around, driving through the ever-worsening Vancouver traffic, and scheduling between separates offices.

At our office, your treatment is fast-tracked by the collaboration of on-site PT, massage and chiropractic professionals. Our entire team can provide expert diagnoses, compares notes and collaborate with each other to keep you progressing into your goals.

For full-service physical therapy and the fastest recovery possible, give a call to Dr. Ibolit.