Physical Therapy Treatment in Vancouver WA

Physical Therapy Can be Used for Any Injury

The goal of physical therapy is always to return you, the patient, to your pre-injury state. For virtually any injury, most patients will see measurable results within their first few visits, with many seeing improvement after a single session.

Our Treatment Model is based around manual therapy, specific exercise, and neuromuscular re-training/education.

Manual Therapy

Physical Therapy Treatment Vancouver WA

Physical therapists are separated from other health practitioners because of our hands-on approach. Hands-on skills include: targeted stretching, joint mobilizations, massage/soft tissue mobilization, trigger point release work, and guided strengthening and muscle re-education. All to aid in allowing the body to move properly and without pain.

Specific Exercise

Therapy sessions will focus on having the you involved in your care. Exercise empowers you to be in control of your symptoms. After a thorough examination, your therapist will build you a custom program of exercises. To target specific muscular strength and mobility imbalances you may have. Your therapist is

Certified in Applied Functional Science and will get you back to work and play in no time.

Gray Institute Certification in Applied Functional Science

Neuromuscular Re-Training and Re-Education

Physical Therapy Treatments Dr Ibolit Vancouver WA

Normal movement patterns can be disrupted by injury. The goal of neuromuscular re-education activities is to re-train a body part to perform a movement or task that it was previously unable to do.

The majority of active physical therapy treatments that occur in the early phases of healing are re-educating the nervous system to properly control the musculoskeletal system.

Neuromuscular re-education consists of:


  • Manual techniques (PNF, and trigger point re-education)

  • Balance and core control activities (Airex and Therapeutic Ball exercises)

  • And other targeted exercises to restore normal and controlled movement patterns.


Other Physical treatments include

  • Ultrasound – which may aid in tendon healing, can heat and improve tissue elasticity, and promote blood flow

  • Electrical Stimulation – using topical adhesive electrodes on the skin. It can be used to reduce pain and increase muscle recruitment and function

  • Taping – Rigid tape and Kinesiology tape to support and facilitate better movement, and reduce pain

  • Heat and cold therapy