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Patient filling out form for chiropractic care in Vancouver WA

Patient Forms

Every patient will be asked to fill out paperwork, which provides us with your health history and information on your condition. Or download the paperwork here and fill it out before arriving to speed up the intake process.

Chiropractor sharing examination results with a patient in Vancouver WA


We will perform an examination to identify the cause of your symptoms and determine a treatment plan. We test reflexes, range of motion, pain levels, posture, neurological functions, orthopedics, and physical ability, which helps us understand how to help.

A physical therapist reporting health results and recording them on a digital device

Report of Findings

Once your examination is complete and we’ve gathered the information we need, your specialist will report all their findings to you. They will compare the findings with your health history and make recommendations regarding your care.

A physical therapist caring for a young patient's knee injury.


Treatment depends on your condition and may vary from person to person. It could range from one, periodic service to a consistent combination of many. If you require a specialist, we’ll provide the refer referral and collaborate to monitor care.

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Wellness Program

If you are simply seeking to improve your quality of life, there are many options available to you in alternative medicine. We are happy to schedule an appointment for you to talk with one of our chiropractors to learn more.