According to statistics, Americans are involved in more than six million vehicle crashes and suffer more than three million car accident injuries. However, many of those victims feel very little pain immediately after a wreck. There are a few reasons for this, the most common of which is the release of chemicals in the body.

When a jarring event like an accident happens, the body produces adrenaline and endorphins to give the body more energy or even to mask the pain. Consider a football player who is injured after a big collision, but continues to play. They may not even realize they are injured until well after the game and the adrenaline has subsided.

Inevitably, when soreness does appear, many will look to anti-inflammatory pain medication for help. Unfortunately, medicine will only mask the pain of an injury. Worse yet, by masking your pain, you may be allowing your body to heal in a position that is not usual to your body, creating chronic pain for the rest of your life. In order to truly deal with that soreness or pain, a visit to a healthcare professional is needed.

Chiropractors are uniquely qualified to work with car accident victims because they’re familiar with the “invisible” pain. That is, you may be experiencing a lot of pain without a bump, bruise, or cut as the culprit. Chiropractors work the soft tissue, the spine, and muscles to investigate and pinpoint the problems.

When visiting a doctor for needed chiropractic adjustments after a motor vehicle accident, you will experience improvement in several areas:

Restored Range of Motion

A normal range of motion in your joints is crucial to perform daily activities at home, for work, and during hobbies and sports. If the injuries sustained in an auto accident go unaddressed, you may never fully regain that range of motion. Chiropractic care helps to increase and support mobility following a car accident.

Depending on the severity of the injuries, it may take several months of scheduled visits to the chiropractor. They may also suggest daily exercises or stretches to get your body moving the way it did before the car crash.

Pain Relief

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you know the pain may not present itself for a few days, but when it does, it won’t just go away without some attention. If back, hip, or neck pain makes your daily routine difficult, we recommend visiting a chiropractor.

Even if you feel a little soreness over the following weeks, but are still able to go to work, shoot hoops, or other activities, you should still see someone. You could be causing more damage without noticing it and subjecting yourself to long-term pain.

By visiting a chiropractor after an automobile accident – even if you feel great – you’ll be able to begin the healing process that much faster. When you schedule a visit with Dr. Ibolit Chiropractic, our staff will be able to investigate if you have any micro-tears or scar tissue that could lead to pain down the road.

Full-Service Chiropractic Care

Dr. Ibolit Chiropractic offers physical therapy and massage therapy in addition to chiropractic work at our location. We will find the best way to combat your pain through stretching, providing work on muscle tissue, and other therapeutic processes like therapeutic exercise.

As a clinic that specializes in car accident victims, the clincians at Dr. Ibolit is acutely aware of what can happen when injuries are allowed to linger. We see many patients who assume the pain will go away on its own only to find themselves in worsening conditions after a few weeks. And while we hope you never get into an accident of your own, know that you’ll get exceptional care at our clinic. Contact us if you are feeling soreness after a car accident or just in general. We’ll get you back to feeling like you should.