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The Importance of Doing Home Exercises

Posted on by Shawn Fife

It is estimated that approximately only 35% of patients are compliant with their home exercise program (or HEP) given to them as an adjunct to physical therapy (PT) sessions. Here are some good reasons to regularly practice the HEP your clinician gives you: Regular physical maintenance can help keep symptoms from recurring. Many physical conditions […]

To Stretch Or Not to Stretch?

Posted on by Konstantin Chernukhin

Are you confused when it comes to stretching?  Stretching has become complicated recently. There are different types of stretching: static vs ballistic vs dynamic. Add to that we have warming up and cooling down to think about too. No wonder you are confused. Stretching doesn’t do what we all thought it did. We are understanding […]

Why Should You Choose Physical Therapy?

Posted on by Konstantin Chernukhin

Physical therapists help you move better, feel better and live better. We are medical providers who specialize in movement. We develop treatment plans that are individualized based on your needs. We integrate hands on techniques and exercise to help you achieve your goals. Physical therapy helps empower you to take ownership of your functional ability […]